How Can MPS Secure Your Next Promotion?

By |Feb 4, 2016|

Guest post by Justin Milligan, Managing Director of Xenith Document Systems

Cost reductions are only part of the strategic benefits of MPS (Managed Print Services) that can

Ten Things Your Enterprise MFPs Must Have

By |Aug 14, 2015|

MPS discussions often go beyond the device level and into workflow. Rightly so. A good MPS program should lead to optimizing document workflow and streamlining processes.

Make Sustainable Print Behavior the Norm, Not the Exception

By |Jul 31, 2015|

Guest post by Luis Alves Monteiro, European Marketing & Strategy Manager, Xerox Large Enterprise Operations

The success of sustainability in your day-to-day business world depends on many decisions made

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    Ask Your MPS Provider About These 23 Service Delivery Metrics

Ask Your MPS Provider About These 23 Service Delivery Metrics

By |Jul 16, 2015|

How do you measure the value of global service delivery? A good program brings return on investment in more ways than you might think. The next

Get Smarter about Sustainability with Greener Intelligence

By |Jul 10, 2015|

As general public awareness of environmental issues rises, corporations look for ways to reinforce their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to improve brand perception and shareholder value.