Document Management and the Digitized Supply Chain

By |Nov 9, 2017|

The supply chain of today is miles away from what was common ten years ago. In our modern, digitized supply chains, hardcopy reports can be created,

Bringing Document Management to Decades of Paper

By |Oct 26, 2017|

Time and again, one of the main roadblocks to transitioning from paper to digital workflow is just knowing where to start. Many workplaces remain awash in

What to Expect from Document Management Services

By |Oct 20, 2017|

(This post by Lisa Graham originally appeared on Small Business Solutions, but MPS and MDS scale up as well as down, so enterprises might learn from

Let Analytics Guide Your Digital Journey. Start Here.

By |Oct 12, 2017|

Analytics have been part of document management conversations quite a bit over the past 12 months, including here on Enterprise Matters. These nine blogs were the

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    Gartner Report Looks at Multifunction Printer as “Workplace Assistant”

Gartner Report Looks at Multifunction Printer as “Workplace Assistant”

By |Oct 6, 2017|

A recent report by Gartner states, “Xerox has redefined the multifunctional device in the office as the ‘workplace assistant’ of the future.”

What exactly does Gartner mean by