Why the Device Matters

By |Feb 16, 2017|

We often hear about Managed Print Services as an example of the Internet of Things. We discuss how analytics drive the MPS roadmap, and how document

Does Your MPS Partner Have Strong Security Skills?

By |Feb 8, 2017|

You may have seen coverage like this of another printer hack job. The hacker’s program scoured the Internet for printers that were online, but didn’t have

26 Reasons You Still Might Need an MPS Assessment

By |Feb 1, 2017|

We published this classic piece in October 2014, and it’s stayed at the top of the charts ever since, with thousands of views. We say it’s

How Device Security Reduces Risk of Information Breaches

By |Jan 18, 2017|

A version of this guest post by Hervé Lesage, Xerox Worldwide Commercial Industry Marketing, originally appeared on LinkedIn.

It’s no surprise that IT security became a major

A Quick Guide to Reducing Document Information Risk

By |Nov 15, 2016|

Document security affects almost all industries and reaches down into individual roles. In other words, it touches everything. Healthcare, finance, government, education, insurance, you name it.