Why the Device Still Matters

The most popular Enterprise Matters post this year has been “Why the Device Matters,” which originally published in February. For the past year, the blog has been steadily raising awareness about new ways multifunction printers (MFPs) help us at work. They’ve become “workplace assistants” that manage our documents, route our workflow and keep information safe.

To further the conversation, we created a new guide, “Your Printers Matter More Than You Think: How Smart Printers Drive Change and Improve Your Bottom Line.” It explores the ways MFP workplace assistants contribute to your business, and their value goes beyond hardware. It’s really about how information flows throughout your organization. It’s about empowering employees, improving customer service, increasing security and even accelerating digital transformation.

But at some point, it all comes back to the device.

Thanks to intelligent MFPs, your documents and information tasks move consistently and flawlessly through workflow steps, making your business more efficient. Knowledge workers, customers, agents and branch offices use MFPs for paper and digital documents every day. Even so, we may not give much thought to the printers that share our work space, but don’t underestimate them. Equipped with the right technology, these devices can contribute to:

  • Information security
  • Customer experience
  • Digital workplace
  • Workplace innovation
  • Employee productivity
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Compliance practices

Turn Your Printer Into Your Workplace Assistant

Our guide gets you up to speed on the latest generation of intelligent workplace assistants. You’ll find out how to take full advantage of them to build your digital workplace. With knowledge of the potential capabilities of intelligent multi-function devices, you can better imagine how to use them in the broader realm of your business. By paying a little attention now, you’ll set off a long-term flow of positive daily impact.

These devices play multiple roles: sometimes as endpoints, sometimes on-ramps, sometimes as nodes in a process where digital turns physical or vice versa. In any application, the quality, performance and intelligence of the device matter a great deal if you are concerned about customer experience, costs, security and productivity.

Office Devices Are Different Today

What do best-in-class office printers offer today? You might be surprised at how intelligent and integrated your endpoints have become. If you want to talk about driving office productivity with the latest device technology, review this popular 2017 blog to know what to expect by today’s standards.

Output devices have the power to let teams and individuals work the way they want from any device, with maximum security, and easy connectivity to and from both cloud and network-based locations. Download our guide: “Your Printers Matter More Than You Think: How Smart Printers Drive Change and Improve Your Bottom Line.”  You’ll find ideas on how to use MFPs to:

  • Improve user experience and productivity
  • Make smart apps part of the team
  • CX: Keeping customers happy and loyal
  • Let your printer power your Business

These days, that device matters more than ever.

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