Proactive Threat Intelligence: How To Take Charge Of Document Security

Cybersecurity has become a constant worry for businesses of all sizes. The more proactive you can be about security, the better prepared you are to react if a breach does occur. When it comes to document management, you can take steps to proactively monitor valuable document information using threat intelligence. Analytics have made this important protection available to businesses of all sizes.

Document management analytics can provide threat intelligence about:

  • Who is accessing the document/content?
  • What access level do they have?
  • What did they do with the document/content? Print? Scan? Send by fax or email?

Make Documents Part of Bigger Strategy

Documents are in use daily across your entire organization, so their safety must be part of the overall security strategy. That piece of paper might just be an invoice, but it also represents revenue and sensitive account data. Think in terms of the information your documents contain and who has access to it.

The full document security story involves devices, cloud and mobility, among other things. Don’t look at devices or document users in isolation, but as part of bigger process life cycles. A comprehensive, proactive approach based on threat intelligence prepares you to address security risks early on in a process, when they can best be contained.

Proactive MPS and Secure Document Management

Managed Print Services (MPS) extends naturally into document management security. MPS reduces endpoint vulnerability in several ways:

  • Security configurations are easily set and monitored
  • Remediation is automated for consistency and accuracy
  • Intrusions are tracked in devices, documents and data

A proactive MPS plan focuses on monitoring the ecosystem of your business, including devices, data and documents. This multi-layered approach builds up from the device level and expands deeper into applications and IT infrastructure as needed. User Analytics Services add a further layer to your security program, allowing you to see who’s printing when and what. Security managers can use this data to prevent internal misuse that sets up the potential for risk.

By understanding how people use documents and devices in your specific business processes, you can better use MPS as part of your proactive security plan. An MPS partner who brings a comprehensive portfolio can help implement a cohesive document strategy across your organization.

Partner Up for Secure Document Management

Security should be part of every conversation with your Managed Print Services partner. It helps to work with someone who’s been in the document space for a while and who’s earned industry leadership and recognition.

An IDC MarketScape report* noted, “Xerox offers one of the industry’s broadest MPS programs with various entry points, which means it can provide access to secure printing solutions and services that are tailored to meet customer needs regardless of company size and vertical industry.”

Here are other things to look for in a proactive security partner:

  • How long has your partner been in the document management space? Document cybersecurity is relatively new as a business threat, but an advisor with a heritage in digital documents gives you an advantage.
  • Document management security focuses on devices, data and documents. This involves a number of different skill sets and technology. Does your partner have enough?
  • Every situation is different, so the ability to configure a solution is critical. Your business won’t have quite the same security challenges as the next one. An MPS partner works closely with you on a migration path for adding security in configurable layers.

A key thing to remember is that security is not a steady state, so your preventive measures can never be static either. That needs to be the understanding every day. It’s the basis of a proactive document management defense.

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* Market analysts have shifted their focus to reflect the growing interest in the collaboration of devices, information management and MPS. This report, IDC MarketScape Worldwide Security Solutions and Services Hardcopy Vendor Assessment,” compares print and document security solutions for data, documents, devices, rules and regulations governing both business and individual use cases. It’s a good starting point for a better document management policy.

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