Get Smarter about Sustainability with Greener Intelligence

As general public awareness of environmental issues rises, corporations look for ways to reinforce their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to improve brand perception and shareholder value. Organizations seek higher ratings on indexes such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, FTSE4good and Carbon Disclosure Project, among others.

The State of Green Business 2015 report by uses greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water use and waste as three key measures of progress on corporate sustainability and states that their “findings show that business is becoming more efficient, but not quickly enough to counter growth.”

A combination of things contributes to poor sustainability practices in an enterprise, and it takes a variety of tools to change the situation. Look for a vendor with a comprehensive approach to sustainability services. For example, the Greener Intelligence approach that Xerox offers uses a range of tools to help enterprises address print from a behavior perspective. It also provides data and tools aimed at optimizing print use, while reducing cost and environmental impact.

When Greener Intelligence is in place, enterprises can find better ways to achieve these goals:

  • Energy reduction: Print asset optimization and updates improve energy consumption and reduce waste materials
  • Reduced paper usage: Using both print authentication and authorization, along with gamification techniques, print behaviors can be changed to reduce unnecessary prints.
  • Reduced waste: Newer, more sustainable print technologies drastically reduce the amount of waste generated from printing practices.
  • Digital Transformation: Other paper reduction comes from adoption of digital workflows integrated with ECM, digital alternatives.

Make Technology Part of Your Sustainability Strategy
IT sometimes comes under scrutiny for its contribution to energy and carbon footprint generation, thus the growing interest in “greener IT” practices. But IT is also heavily responsible for finding ways to work that are also better for the environment. New technology tools provide capabilities to better quantify your efforts and identify ways to move your goals ahead faster. Here are some of the ways Greener Intelligence brings technology into the realm of enterprise sustainability management:

  • Assessment tools like AssetDB and CompleteViewPro analyze your print infrastructure, showing print asset optimization models along with estimated environmental improvements. The Xerox Print Awareness Tool, a change management aid, uses gamification to educate end-users and improve print behavior.
  • Behavior changes result from use of follow-you printing to increase content security, while reducing uncollected prints. The ConnectKey platform integrating with Enterprise Content Systems and other document scanning workflows also eliminates unnecessary prints.
  • Productivity optimization results from continuous monitoring and reporting of user print behavior. The Digital Alternatives productivity tool can reduce unnecessary prints by moving some workflow interactions into the digital medium, reducing overall cost and paper consumption.

Where Greener Intelligence Can Help
With an approach like Greener Intelligence, your enterprise will be prepared to address these sustainability-related concerns:

  • Financial Opportunities. Business leaders seek profitability, revenue growth and competitive advantage. A visible, quantifiable commitment to sustainability can be a competitive differentiator and adds value in these areas:
    • Stockholder value
    • Brand value
    • Cost reduction
    • Asset optimization
  • Environment Challenges. More organizations now consider the possible environmental impact of their actions, and want ideas to help them manage their impact. For them, Greener Intelligence contributes to:
    • Resource conservation
    • Improved sustainability behavior
    • Better usage of resources
  • Social Challenges. Many businesses want to make a contribution to their communities and to the world at large. An active environmental strategy supported by Greener Intelligence can contribute to these goals:
    • Employee engagement
    • Social and environmental awareness
    • Improved productivity

Sustainability has become an expected component of our business strategies. The empowering tools of Greener Intelligence can help you reach your enterprise sustainability goals.

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