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Bring Digital Transformation to Your Back Office

Dec 1, 2016|Capture, Customer Experience, digital transformation, document workflow, Paperless workflow, Workflow|

New Services Make Getting Started Easier

Guest post by Joseph Hanania, Senior Vice President, Global Document Outsourcing Business Group, Xerox

It might seem unlikely that a lowly transaction process

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    The Customer’s King – Seven Ways to Get the King on Your Side

The Customer’s King – Seven Ways to Get the King on Your Side

Nov 29, 2016|Communications, Customer Experience, Marketing|

Guest post by Anoush Dowlatshahi-Gordon , Vice President, Communications and Marketing Solutions, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are top of mind for every company, as well

A Quick Guide to Reducing Document Information Risk

Nov 15, 2016|document workflow, MPS, Security|

Document security affects almost all industries and reaches down into individual roles. In other words, it touches everything. Healthcare, finance, government, education, insurance, you name it.

A Managed Print Services Story

Nov 8, 2016|MPS|

Here’s a common pre-Managed Print Services scenario based on a real-life situation. Grant Thornton, a professional services firm specializing in auditing and consulting has 1,600 staff in

Six Reasons You Need This Next-gen MPS eBook

Nov 1, 2016|Automation, digital transformation, document workflow, MPS|

For more than a dozen years, Managed Print Services solutions have helped organizations optimize their print infrastructures and reduce costs. But just as the business landscape