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How Apps Help Mobile Workers Manage Documents

Jan 17, 2018|Apps, Automation, document management, document workflow, MFP, Mobile, processes, Workflow|

Remote working, virtual offices, mobile employees – we operate in a moving, morphing business landscape. “We’ve been in this constant evolution of how people are working.

How to Cut Costs and Boost Security with Print-on-Demand

Jan 11, 2018|Uncategorized|

(This post originally appeared on the Xerox Small Business Blog. It’s republished here because mid-sized and large enterprises can also benefit from print-on-demand security and savings.)

Two of

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    Proactive Threat Intelligence: How To Take Charge Of Document Security

Proactive Threat Intelligence: How To Take Charge Of Document Security

Jan 4, 2018|analytics, document management, MPS, Security|

Cybersecurity has become a constant worry for businesses of all sizes. The more proactive you can be about security, the better prepared you are to react

Why the Device Still Matters

Dec 18, 2017|compliance, Customer Experience, digital transformation, document management, document workflow, Environment, MFP, MPS, Workflow|

The most popular Enterprise Matters post this year has been “Why the Device Matters,” which originally published in February. For the past year, the blog has

How to Set Document Digitization Targets

Dec 14, 2017|Automation, Capture, digital transformation, document management, Paperless workflow, Tips and How-Tos|

(This post originally appeared on the Xenith Document Systems blog. It is republished here with permission.)

Digital transformation isn’t something that can happen overnight. It requires a