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Digital Transformation Benefits Government IT Staffing

Jul 29, 2016|digital transformation, Public Sector|

Guest post by Liz Vega, Senior Manager, Government, Education, Healthcare Global Marketing, Xerox Large Enterprise Operations. This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Digital technology can transform the

Eliminate This API from Your Organization

Jul 26, 2016|Paperless workflow, processes, Workflow|

Guest post by Kerry Sanders, Vice President, Global Marketing, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox

Sales orders, expense reports, employee onboarding forms, NDAs, constituent records, applications, student enrollment paperwork, claims

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    Want to Understand NHS’ Digital Goals? Six Helpful Insights for Healthcare

Want to Understand NHS’ Digital Goals? Six Helpful Insights for Healt...

Jul 25, 2016|digital transformation, Healthcare|

Experts discuss transformation at the “Discovering the art of the possible: the paperlight journey” event
Guest post by Jonathan Elliott, General Manager, Health Sector at Xerox UK,

The New “Miracle Worker”

Jul 18, 2016|Accessibility|

How smart technologies allow everyone to work independently and to their full potential.

Guest Post by Karen A. Cole, Global Product Marketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

“The Miracle Worker”

Digital Transformation Comes to a University Near You

Jul 14, 2016|digital transformation, Higher Ed, Mobile, Paperless workflow, Workflow|

(This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.)

Guest post by Alexandra Levit for Water Cooler Wisdom and LinkedIn Pulse

A recent survey of 600 American and European IT decision-makers