Key Enhancements to Xerox AltaLink Workplace Assistants Drive Superior Data Security, Workplace Productivity

By Zia Masoom, Global Product Marketing, Workplace Solutions


When talking with customers and partners alike, productivity and security led the conversation throughout 2018. Now that 2019 is here, the conversation is taking a new turn thanks to the introduction of key enhancements to Xerox’s popular AltaLink multifunction printers (MFPs).

Xerox recently announced that new, free, software enhancements are available for the AltaLink Workplace Assistants enabled with ConnectKey Technology. These enhancements are good news for businesses of all sizes who will now be able to monitor critical security settings and automatically reset unauthorized changes, a proactive step in stemming security breaches. Plus, a new intuitive user experience gives workers more ways to customize everyday tasks – maximizing time and improving productivity.

Proactive security with Xerox

IT administrators are all too familiar with the way that accidental changes to security settings by non-security staff can lead to breaches. With AltaLink’s new Configuration Watchdog, administrators can ensure devices stay configured to their defined security policies in order to safeguard critical business data without external monitoring. And, they can monitor compliance requirements of up to eight security settings.

“Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and so is Xerox’s response,” said Dr. Alissa J. Abdullah, chief information security officer, Xerox. “We take a proactive approach to device, data and document security that puts organizations on the offensive when it comes to threat detection and response.”

For additional protection, the AltaLink MFPs include support for ThinPrint print management software, featuring end-to-end encryption, as well as efficient compression and streaming of print data, delivering faster output speeds.

New time saving features

With an intuitive user experience, AltaLink Workplace Assistants make completing daily tasks faster and easier with three new features:

  • Customizable home screen: enables walk-up, touchscreen re-ordering of apps and features for frequency of use to place most popular ones at the top for easy access.
  • 1-Touch App: simplifies complicated and lengthy workflows by creating shortcuts, such as scanning to email without typing an email address or creating booklets with a single touch; these 1-Touch Apps can be cloned and shared among multiple devices.
  • Fleet Orchestrator: automatically deploys software upgrades and tedious configuration changes across multiple devices. A single device, designated as the host, securely shares updates with the remaining fleet, reducing device downtime and manual IT intervention.

Key feature enhancements like these help ensure our customers’ AltaLink Workplace Assistants tackle today’s evolving workplace challenges, and stay ready for the future.

The AltaLink MFP software upgrade is free, and can be downloaded here.