How cloud content management simplifies your business workflow

Cloud content management for third-party platforms simplifies business transactions and document workflows. A recent announcement shared new capabilities for the DocuShare Flex content management platform. The following is a recap of that content.

Next generation DocuShare Flex will sync QuickBooks Online and all in one cloud platform

DocuShare® Flex cloud content management platform enables users to work from anywhere, collaborate on projects, connect with customers, track business transactions, automate paper-based workflows and intuitively organize documents and data without IT support.

The platform can now integrate with DocuSign and will soon grow to integrate with QuickBooks Online and Customers will be able to sync data and workflows from these third-party platforms within DocuShare Flex, allowing users to access the information they need, right when they need it. For example, instead of a legal department employee working between DocuShare Flex and DocuSign to complete the approval process for a contract, the user can simply review, sign and lock the document all within DocuShare Flex, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Automating time-intensive manual processes
cloud content management

Dahill Office Technologies, A Xerox Company and DocuShare Flex reseller, has seen first-hand how DocuShare Flex helps customers streamline business operations and is looking forward to extending that exceptional service with the platform’s new features.

“With DocuShare Flex we’ve been able to deliver a tool that enables customers to tackle complex manual processes that consume valuable company time, money and manpower,” said Brad Rollins, president and CEO, Dahill Office Technologies. “With the latest updates to the platform, our customers will reap the benefits of a system designed to integrate directly with the third-party platforms they use daily.”

Enhancements for the modern workforce

With a new iOS app for DocuShare Flex, users can pick up projects where they left off while on the go. They can log on to view, download, capture, share and search for documents, or manage tasks such as routing or approving, with the convenience of a secure, cloud-based solution.

Additional updates to the DocuShare Flex platform include:

  • New Webforms add-on that creates and stores electronic forms, fills out requests, registers or on-boards employees or customers and more, all directly on the platform.
  • A customizable accounts payable toolkit that can help reduce time to payment and increase efficiencies. For example, elements of the financial documents processing workflow can be simplified such as intaking paper and electronic invoices, recognizing and extracting key document data, three-way matching validation and auto-filling data as needed from ERP systems.
  • Enhancements that configure work queues to assign and prioritize tasks and delegate approvals to re-route when people are out of the office.

“At Xerox our top priority is creating the technology to serve a constantly evolving workplace in need of faster, simpler, more secure processes,” said Joanne Collins Smee, chief commercial officer, Xerox. “With the latest updates to our powerhouse DocuShare Flex platform, we are taking the complexity out of mobile work, cross-platform content management and multi-step paper-based processes for both our enterprise and small- to medium-size business customers.”

Cloud content management benefits

Managing content has never been easier, and any department, agency or division can easily reap the benefits of reduced costs and enhanced productivity. This blog has explains how “Cloud Content Management Brings Structure to Digital Transformation.” Also find more information here about what powerful, cloud-based content management can do.


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