What to Know about Cloud, Documents and Process Automation

IT and LOB teams have found innovative ways to manage the complexity of the modern workplace, and successes include cloud-hosted workflow solutions and outsourced document services.

This workplace cloud model targets organizations that struggle with:

  • Limited access to IT support
  • Multiple networks and locations
  • Shrinking infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure and document outsourcing play well together, giving you breathing room to focus on business.

Advantages of Cloud-based Document Management for IT and LOB

Cloud-based document management works for almost any type or size of business, as noted in this webinar. It’s universally valuable for giving more bandwidth back to your core resources. Ease of use and management tie in with trends such as workflow decisions at the user level, like accounting or HR, rather than at the IT level. As far as document management and managed print services are concerned, cloud makes process implementation simpler and faster, with scalability to shrink or grow as the need takes you.

What does the workplace cloud/services combination mean for your document processes? The two tactics work in tandem to reduce complexity in the modern workplace. If you’re in IT management or LOB ownership or manage document processes of any kind, spend some time with this webinar. You’ll learn how the cloud fits squarely at the center of today’s document management infrastructure.

Cloud and Mobility: Connecting Employees

Mobility has been a strong force behind the “consumerization” of IT and the demand for new applications and solutions. When people use their own devices to get work done, being able to solve their own problems is important.
cloud document workflow

Yet IT can’t be completely eliminated from the picture. At some point, BYOD intersects with company processes and policy, and this is where cloud supports mobile workers and their documents. What’s powerful about mobility and cloud is how the cloud connects people – your mobile employees and agents — to processes efficiently, securely and in a controlled fashion.

Optimize Infrastructure by Moving to the Cloud

Mobile and cloud are part of the ongoing shift to what IDC calls “3rd platform” technologies. Devices and the BYOD shift have changed the workplace, infrastructure and how we work with business content. Xerox Workplace Solutions align with mobility and cloud-based processes with two hosting options: a server-based, on-premise option and a cloud-based option.

  1. Xerox Workplace Suite is an on-premise, server-based print management and mobile access solution with security and usage insights. It targets businesses with additional requirements for data control or that prefer a traditional server-based solution.
  2. Xerox Workplace Cloud also provides print management, mobile access, and usage insights, with dashboard printer monitoring and control. It targets organizations looking to reduce or replace infrastructure by moving to the cloud. It addresses the needs of companies operating over multiple locations with independent networks.

The Xerox Workplace Cloud is part of the managed print services (MPS) portfolio and serves organizations trying to reduce or optimize print infrastructure. The cloud-based print management and mobile workflows are easy to set up and use, taking pressure off organizations with limited IT access or those consolidating or prioritizing resources. Being cloud-based, it also works across multiple networks, giving control over printers at multiple locations.

Get Started with Cloud-based Document Services

To get a sense of what your cloud-based document processes could look like, a qualified vendor starts with a managed print assessment to understand your environment. [links to another blog.] They ask the right questions and use analytics to study your current business and document processes. A knowledgeable vendor will explore how cloud and mobility offer solutions to your needs, and will do a thorough security assessment to make sure your information will stay safe. Learn more about MPS assessments in this blog.

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