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What is IT Asset Disposition, and Why Should You Care?

Jul 29, 2014|Leadership|

A new article posted on the IT: Connect & Expand blog explains an emerging—and rapidly growing—subset of the technology market: ITAD, or IT Asset Disposition.

ITAD addresses

Sustainability as a Corporate Cornerstone

Jul 28, 2014|Environment, Leadership|

Interesting findings regarding global CEOs’ attitudes toward corporate sustainability-focused policies and best practices come courtesy of McKinsey & Company’s recently published “Sustainability’s strategic worth” survey results.


Think Twice Before Buying Cheap Toner; There’s a Price to Pay

Jul 24, 2014|Leadership|

Fake toner cartridges can damage print devices and produce output that’s not up to your high standards. `Here’s how to determine if you’re using genuine supplies.

By Kevin

Google Search Ranking Tips for Enterprises (Infographic)

Jul 14, 2014|Tips and How-Tos|

I’m not a search engine optimization (SEO) expert. Not even close.

But I’ve always tried to maintain at least a modest baseline-knowledge of SEO best-practices because I

Attention CIOs: How to Avoid BYOD Pitfalls

Jun 30, 2014|Mobile, Security, Tips and How-Tos|

Consumerization of IT is here in full force, and it’s not going away.

“Wasting time complaining about consumerization and how managing employee-owned devices is such a huge