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Doing More With Less Isn’t Always the Best Solution According to Laura S...

Dec 2, 2014|Leadership, Tips and How-Tos|

By: Laura Stack, president of The Productivity Pro, Inc.
How many times have you heard, “We need to do more with less” in your organization? Frankly, after

Reduce Office Printing with a “Sustainability Coach”

Dec 1, 2014|Leadership|

Office paper is readily recyclable, yet so much still gets wasted. In this decade alone, Americans will throw away over four and a half million tons

Infographic: Enterprises Planning Extensive Cloud Solutions Deployment in 2...

Nov 30, 2014|Innovation|

According to Dimensional Research, and as reported by Equinix, the vast majority of 650 surveyed IT decision makers in Australia, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, North America, and

MPS: It’s a Beautiful Thing

Nov 11, 2014|Leadership|

Mark Wirlo, Xerox Global Offering Manager

The beauty of Managed Print Services (MPS) comes from how widely and deeply you can extend it across your enterprise and

IT (Heart) Mobile Print

Nov 6, 2014|Mobile, Security|

Supporting mobile workers is no longer an option, but it can still be a burden — one that falls squarely on IT’s shoulders. Enterprise IT managers