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How to Use the MPS Maturity Model to Drive Strategy

Feb 11, 2016|analytics, Assessments, MPS|

Guest post by George Yeadon, General Manager, Advanced Consulting Services, Americas NFIT, A Xerox Company

Have you had the Maturity discussion? We’re talking about the Maturity Model,

How Can MPS Secure Your Next Promotion?

Feb 4, 2016|analytics, Assessments, document workflow, Environment, MPS, processes, Sustainability, Workflow|

Guest post by Justin Milligan, Managing Director of Xenith Document Systems

Cost reductions are only part of the strategic benefits of MPS (Managed Print Services) that can

Productivity Up and Paper Down in 2016

Jan 29, 2016|Paperless workflow, Workflow|

Guest post by Adam Johnson, Director of Limpio MPS

The push to paperless in the office is unrelenting. Not purely because companies wish to become more sustainable, but many

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    Four Obstacles to Digital Transformation: Why Paper Keeps Hanging On

Four Obstacles to Digital Transformation: Why Paper Keeps Hanging On

Jan 21, 2016|analytics, Assessments, document workflow, Paperless workflow, processes, Workflow|

Why Can’t We “Go Paperless” Faster?
It’s hard to empower revenue earners, reinvent customer experience, or launch breakthrough products and services when collaboration and interaction are hampered

Survey Extended! Your Print and Digital Workflows

Jan 11, 2016|Uncategorized|

How does your organization stack up? Survey now extended to January 22, 2016

Information sharing still uses copy, print and fax. No one pretends that digitizing analogue workflows