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    Is That Document Collaboration Tool Enterprise-Grade? 20 Questions to Help You Find Out.

Is That Document Collaboration Tool Enterprise-Grade? 20 Questions to Help ...

Oct 1, 2015|analytics, Collaboration, document workflow, Mobile, Paperless workflow, Service, Workflow|

Guest post by Colman Murphy, Senior Director of Marketing, Xerox Workflow Automation

The next frontier in digitizing workflow isn’t just about optimizing transactional and operational processes. It’s also coming

Endpoints Secure? How About Employees Who Use Them?

Sep 24, 2015|MFP, Security|

Guest post by Patricia Hill. Manager, Xerox MPS Insight Programs

Research and experience tell us that perhaps the most risky part of a document process might be the

Can You Scan Your Way To Digital Transformation?

Sep 17, 2015|Capture, document workflow, Paperless workflow, Workflow|

Your business probably still struggles with using paper in a digital world. You’re not alone. Not by a long shot. In an Aberdeen Research survey, nearly

The Latest Thinking on Workflow Automation

Sep 10, 2015|Change Management, document workflow, Paperless workflow, Security, Workflow|

What’s your business hot button right now? Tighter document security? Reducing paper output? Faster processes? Better document security? More nimble service?

There’s something for everyone in the

How To Create Intelligent Documents

Sep 3, 2015|content, document workflow, Paperless workflow, Workflow|

Guest blog by Adam Johnson, Director of Limpio MPS

All too often when visiting clients I see the same document processes being followed simply because it’s the