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16 Ways to Benefit from Human Resources Workflow Automation

Nov 24, 2015|document workflow, ECM, Paperless workflow, processes, Workflow|

Until your company experiences records-related litigation, a data breach, or non-compliance fines and penalties, the important role of your employee file management system might not be

Conquering the Future of Work with Content Management

Nov 18, 2015|Accessibility, document workflow, ECM, Mobile, processes|

Guest post by Andy Jones, Vice President, Workflow Automation, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox

As organizations begin to plan for 2016, one area that will continue to get

Keeping the Flow in Workflow

Nov 12, 2015|document workflow, Paperless workflow, Workflow|

There’s workflow, and then there’s “Flow.” Think of “Flow” as being in “the zone.” When your team or business has the Flow, things go quickly and

The Digital Office: New Research Sheds Light on Requirements

Nov 5, 2015|Collaboration, document workflow, Paperless workflow, Workflow|

Instead of conversations about the paperless office, more often we now hear talk of the digital office, a more attainable goal. Much of the discussion is

Is Paper Stifling Healthcare Efficiency?

Nov 2, 2015|Healthcare, Paperless workflow|

Guest post by Jonathan Elliot, General Manager, Health Sector, Xerox UK

For healthcare to work better, clinicians need the latest information at their fingertips and all in