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Affecting Change in an Environment that Demands it

Oct 31, 2014|Change Management|

Anyone who’s spent enough time working for a large enterprise understands that when the organization’s nimbleness declines, it almost always coincides with its increasing size. The

Enterprise Transformation: Big Data, Cloud Computing and Mobility at Gartne...

Oct 29, 2014|Leadership|

Mark Eldred, director, Sales & Bids, Large Enterprise Organisation, Xerox, Europe

Workplace technology is constantly changing and the world of enterprise IT, and the strategies that drive

26 Reasons You Might Need an MPS Assessment

Oct 15, 2014|Leadership|

Carro Ford, Xerox Corp.

You might be surprised at how many ways Managed Print Services (MPS) can improve your business. While cost is often the main driver

And You Thought Mobile Print Was Just About Printing

Oct 7, 2014|Leadership, Mobile, Security|

By Dan Stark, Global Offering Manager, Mobile Print, Xerox Corp.

As enterprises face an increasingly mobile workforce, they struggle to adapt legacy document workflow to a mobile document

Are You Prepared for the Future of Work?

Sep 30, 2014|Change Management, Mobile|

While it’s likely your answer to the headline’s question is affirmative, the same cannot be said of most companies.

According to Workforce 2020, an independent, global study