Webinar: Six Ways You Can Have a More Digital Workplace With Apps

Josh Justice

We’ve seen how apps make our personal lives easier. Now they’re transforming the business landscape. Apps can be game-changers when it comes to making your business more digital. What if streamlining your document workflow was as easy as checking the weather? Or getting rid of process bottlenecks was as simple as shopping online? It can be, and it starts with your smart, multifunction printer (MFP).

Regardless of whether they run on MFPs or phones, we develop and use apps as easier ways of doing something routine. “If it adds complexity instead of being a simpler way of performing a task, using an app wouldn’t make sense,” says Joshua Justice, president of Just-Tech. His company has been involved with implementing thousands of apps in all kinds of businesses and was named a 2017 CRN Next-Gen 250 solutions provider.

Work Processes Taking Too Long?

Apps help us organize information, simplify workflow and access technology at point of need. The time they save adds up quickly, especially if the tool is used often, but it’s more than that. Expanding digital document management and workflow into your workplace improves process accuracy, provides a positive customer and user experience, supports compliance and more.

Businesses of any size can improve productivity through simple, yet powerful app-based workflows. Apps for the digital workplace can be fairly easy and economical to develop. In addition, apps can be further customized over time, extending the ROI investment and minimizing disruption from change. By aligning a multifunction printer and app to specific business processes, organizations can add value to the user experience – whether customer or employee – for minimal cost.

Apps + MFP = Workplace Assistant

Apps make our lives easier in creative ways. In the business world, they turn multifunction printers into “workplace assistants.” Managed document services providers have developed apps to enhance their standard MFP offerings and deliver more tailored solutions to clients.

Paul Miller

“We’ve used basic apps like copy, fax and scan-to-email on multifunction devices for years. These are familiar to people, so it’s a good place to start when you’re ready for more business apps,” explains Paul Miller, Xerox solutions and app expert.

Miller joins joins Just-Tech’s Joshua Justice in an expert webinar on “Six Ways Apps Help Build Your Digital Workplace.” Using six popular types of MFP apps as examples, the team looks at the problems that drove the need for each one, what it does and how it benefits different users and organizations.

Learn More from this Webinar: “Six Ways Apps Help Build Your Digital Workplace”

The half-hour session looks at prime areas for process improvements and shows how multifunction printer apps eliminate roadblocks and accelerate the flow of work. You’ll find several ways your team can be more productive and more collaborative.

Originally shown November 29, 2017, this webinar is now available on demand to learn:

  • Where to add productivity through printer apps
  • How to use apps to drive better customer experience
  • How printer apps eliminate process roadblocks and errors
  • Printing and scanning from cloud repositories

Download this webinar to discover how apps can help build your digital business faster. (Can’t attend? Register anyway, and we’ll send you the link the on-demand replay.)

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