Evolving Technology and Workplace Impacts

Todd Smith, Xerox Corp.

Can you imagine a world and workplace without smartphones? How about keyboards and mice? CIO.com posted a slideshow about eight business and consumer technologies that will be obsolete in the future and highlights the new technology that will be taking their place. Some of the technologies these futurists believe will die off will impact how we work.

In the next 5-10 years, futurists believe that smartphones will be replaced by wearable technology and voice and gesture controls will replace the need for keyboards and mice. One technology they predict will stick around forever is email. On slide 7, they talk about the use of predictive security in the next 5 years. This concept is something that interests me, especially with the rise of cyber security. Predictive security, which uses data mining and analytics to track and predict cyber threats is something that will positively impact the workplace. Malicious attacks can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and developing a technology that can predict outside and inside threats can protect important company data and save organizations money.

Technology is always impacting and changing the way we do business and I believe it’s important to keep a close eye on the upcoming technologies that may impact your company the most. I think that predictive security and wearable technology will play a large part in the future of the workplace.

In your opinion, are there other common business technologies you think will be replaced by the next big thing, or are there things like email that will always be a part of business?


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