Transforming the Workplace: Managing your Digital and Paper Worlds

Mark Eldred, director & general manager, strategy, marketing & offer development, Large Enterprise Organisation, Xerox, Europe

GartnerData management is at the forefront of the digital age for businesses and the amount of data any one company has to manage is on the increase. With 95% of business information still being stored on paper and the average office worker in the US using 10,000 sheets of paper each year, there’s no doubt that a paperless office saves more than just time and space.

But with this drive for a paperless office comes new challenges. As businesses evolve, data management can no longer be seen as just an IT matter; efficient document management is vital to the whole organisation and involves more than finding storage solutions. Data needs to be managed and analysed so that the company can get the most from it, while issues such as security and transparency are addressed.

But why is this so important?

Bad document management disrupts workflow and affects productivity; time spent locating lost files can be better spent elsewhere. Being able to access the correct customer information is vital for meeting customer needs and achieving customer satisfaction and the mismanagement of intellectual property can result in fines and lawsuits. For the right management decisions to be made, up to date company records are essential.

How can businesses provide a simpler, more agile workplace?

One of the most important aspects of successful data management is having the right technology in place. Documents need to be easily accessed and distributed while being kept securely. Workflow automation software can expand the market reach, simplify document management and keep on top of changing customer needs. Technology such as ConnectKey software has been developed with modern, flexible office structures in mind. It enables documents to be scanned straight to cloud services, whether in the office or travelling to a meeting and has features that can be tailored to your particular business needs. Cloud solutions offer a flexible, cost-saving solution to the need for increased storage capacity and as all user data and communications are securely encrypted, all data is stored and sent confidentially.

Xerox Managed Print Services include document analytics and workflow assessment to look at how and why documents are printed. Risks and weaknesses are highlighted as are areas where improvements can be made. Sustainability solutions can streamline workflows and call attention to ways equipment can be used more efficiently.

The importance of having a holistic view of data management and resources is one of the things that we will cover in our session at Gartner Symposium in Barcelona, this month. We’ll be showing how we’re leading the way when it comes to workflow automation, content management and help desk integration. The emphasis is on agility in the modern workplace and finding strategies to implement it while managing the collision and collaboration of the paper and digital office environment.

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