IT (Heart) Mobile Print

Supporting mobile workers is no longer an option, but it can still be a burden — one that falls squarely on IT’s shoulders. Enterprise IT managers must figure out the best ways to maintain security and workflow standards, while freeing employees to be productive wherever they are. And they have to figure it out in the midst of a market that is still in the process of defining itself. Unless mobile solutions satisfy the needs of enterprise IT as well, it’s going to be a slow and uncertain start out of the mobility gate.

What Does “Designed for the Enterprise” Mean?

When a mobile solution has been designed with the enterprise in mind, the productivity needs of both frontline employees and IT teams get equal attention. Enterprise-grade mobile print solutions keep problems away from the IT staff. Instead, solutions are deployed and supported by experienced global delivery and tech teams.

By making enterprise-scale solutions easy to manage, IT spends less time on support. You don’t sacrifice productivity for security, or ease of use for control.

Convenient Access without Constant Attention

Mobile print increases employee productivity by keeping users connected to enterprise document workflows. It’s not just about printing, but about the documents mobile workers need to do their jobs.

Mobile workers stay empowered to print from any mobile device to any printer simply, securely and without compromising document quality. They carry on their mobile workflow, including directly printing documents, whenever and wherever they need them.

With a solution that is broadly compatible, easy to integrate and soundly secure, IT isn’t constantly drawn into problem resolutions and system configuration.

IT and Mobile Security

Mobile workers need to take document-based enterprise processes with them into the mobile realm where they work. This requires solutions that ensure secure extension of workflows. Use this checklist to evaluate security features of mobile print solutions:

  • Features Secure Print passcode-gated printing option
  • Establishes access controls that allow or block mobile print
  • Securely holds documents until users log in and release for print
  • Uses enhanced LDAP authentication and accounting for user-based tracking
  • Secure Card Reader and pull printing provide safe, unified end-user experience

Consumer-grade vs Enterprise-grade Support

Another aspect of enterprise-grade mobile print to consider is the power behind the technology.  Consumer-grade mobile printing solutions are largely unsuited for the enterprise. Here are some of the reasons why you must look at the scale of a mobile print solution.

  • Core MPS environment provides mobility foundation
  • Integrated tools and service
  • Solution and updates owned and controlled by trusted provider
  • Integrated management and reporting across your enterprise
  • Enterprise-level approach and portfolio cover range of devices

Does It Encourage Productivity?

Look for a solution that removes obstacles to convenient mobile printing. Typical barriers include compatibility issues, skewed formatting and large files that freeze up. Here’s a checklist for enterprise mobile productivity and convenience:

  • Free mobile app for Apple, Google, Windows and RIM devices.
  • No print driver download required.
  • Immediately enables mobile workers to print securely from smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • Users submit documents through mobile print app or email.
  • Handles large files, so employees can access all kinds of documents.
  • User preference settings and media selection options reduce delays.
  • Public printing and home-based worker integration options expand scope.

Just because your IT team can do everything doesn’t mean they should. Look for a Mobile Print Solution that doesn’t drag down your IT team while it liberates your knowledge workers. The Xerox Mobile Print Solutions meets all criteria for an effective enterprise-grade solution. Want to learn more?

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