By Breanna Banford, Social Marketing Specialist, Xerox Channel Partner Organization

As we enter 2013, many business professionals are looking to find new ways to simplify work processes and eliminate unnecessary hassles. One topic of conversation that hasn’t taken off as widely as expected in the past couple years is mobile print. While at first thought it seems like an oxymoron – some ask: “didn’t you get a mobile device to eliminate paper?” – people still print. Now, there are solutions that make it easier than before by printing from your mobile device to any printer wherever you are.

Why does it matter to you and your business?

  • Tablet usage among Gen-Y is growing. They’re the next set of employees entering the workforce at a rapid pace. Finding applications that fit the technology they rely on is imperative.
  • There’s demand for mobile print: 60% of you want it, but only 5% of companies have deployed mobile print offerings.
  • It can be applied to a variety of industries. For example, offer mobile print options to university students and staff or include it as a free service for hotel guests.
  • Mobile apps make it simple to print anywhere. Xerox Mobile Print lets you print to nearly any printer from your tablet or smartphone – click here for a free trial.

How would you benefit from mobile printing?