MPS: It’s a Beautiful Thing

Mark Wirlo, Xerox Global Offering Manager

The beauty of Managed Print Services (MPS) comes from how widely and deeply you can extend it across your enterprise and into your processes and workflow. Once you have an optimized MPS environment as your foundation, it’s easier to add capabilities over time that provide more control over problem areas like document security, print usage, change management, financial visibility and sustainability.

Document Security

Document security doesn’t get the same attention as more high profile data breaches, but it can be just as risky. Without print user authentication, you expose documents at the device level. The cost of lost confidential information is too high to depend on unsecured printing.

Print Use Monitoring

Imagine what you could do with granular data about users and what they print? For one thing, administrators could easily monitor print output on a per-user basis for a more complete view of print-based workflows. Why would you want to know this? One reason is to see what departments are heavy users that might need more robust equipment. Print use data could also help determine if certain documents create workflow roadblocks due to printing issues. When you know what the problem is, you know what needs to be fixed.

Change Management

Transformation depends on changing behavior, and when it comes to daily business printing, that can be a challenge. People don’t want to give up the comfort of their current printing situations. This can be overcome by giving users information about the impact of their printing habits and choices. As users become more aware of costs and consequences, they make better choices, even to the point of printing less.

Cost Visibility

Who wouldn’t appreciate more insight into enterprise printing costs, considering how much printing takes out of the corporate budget. Imagine the value of detailed visibility into enterprise print use down to user and department levels. You could then track and accurately charge back print costs. Heavy users of print resources could be charged according to their actual use. By automatically associating job data with specific users for reporting, cost control and chargeback, you simplify financial governance and improve accuracy.

Sustainability Goals

Too many print jobs end up abandoned, and the discarded paper winds up in the waste stream. Even if output is handled in a sustainable manner, there’s still the cost of consumables and energy. A better alternative is to not print the job at all. Without an automated, enterprise-wide approach to print control and print avoidance, improvement isn’t possible.

Now you can move these requirements off your wish list. The Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite, powered by NUANCE, extend MPS value to solve problems related to document security, print usage, change management, financial visibility and sustainability.

  • The Print Authentication Tool securely controls access to business output and MPS devices.
  • The Print Tracker Tool tracks jobs and captures the associated printing cost to your business.
  • The Print Control Tool uses print rules and routing to encourage more responsible printing.
  • The Print Accounting Tool does automatically what would take hours of time manually. The tool remembers users and codes and automatically assigns costs to appropriate centers.
  • The Print Authentication Tool and pull print capability reduce abandoned print jobs and wasted output, because jobs never get printed unless they are claimed.

When you add capabilities from the Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite, print-based processes become even more automated and accountable. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. Richard Karwacki December 16, 2014 -

    Nice high level overview article. Now you have to dig a little deeper to find the true value a fully encompassed MPS such as this can provide.

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