MPS Lessons from the New Quocirca Report

Know anyone researching or shortlisting MPS providers? Do them a favor and share the recent MPS report released by research and analysis firm, Quocirca. The “Managed Print Services Landscape 2017” provides in-depth information that will interest both the MPS novice and the veteran.

The study includes this useful list of MPS vendor qualifications summarized here. According to Quocirca, an MPS leader would be a partner who can:

  • Help improve business performance
  • Offer a broad portfolio of managed services
  • Provide consistent global service delivery with local support
  • Make proactive continuous improvements
  • Guarantee strong multi-vendor support
  • Be flexible
  • Be accountable
  • Provide full service transparency
  • Align with standards
  • Innovate

The report further fleshes out what these capabilities mean for today’s digital workplace and why they’re important. By studying these qualifications, anyone researching MPS providers can use the list as a discussion guide for buying teams.

Download your 25-page excerpt of the new Quocirca report, “Managed Print Services Landscape 2017.”

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