Xerox Scanners: A Better Way to Pick Paper

Guest post by: Walt Thinfen, president and CEO at Visioneer, which makes and markets Xerox® DocuMate® Scanners under a brand-licensing agreement.

Businesses of all sizes have been throwing around the term “paperless” for decades, and although it is finally starting to manifest itself, many organizations are still stuck in a paper-laden rut. The truth is, paper isn’t going away – at least for the foreseeable future. And in today’s digital world, it’s important to be able to manage and access the data trapped in ever-increasing stacks of paper documents.

Targeting document workflows is the first place to start in the transition to digital. Businesses must now find solutions to digitize documents as soon as they come into an office’s workflow, and it all begins with a scan. Scanning and capture technology continues to be key in the digital journey and investing in the best hardware and software will set your business up for success.

By unlocking the data trapped on paper, an organization can streamline workflows, resulting in enhanced productivity and a stronger bottom line.

Award-Winning Productivity Powerhouses

Xerox® DocuMate® high-performance business scanners and imaging software solutions connect to virtually any application, are easy to use, and provide advanced speed, image quality, and paper handling capabilities. The DocuMate line also features Visioneer’s Active Reversing Rollers, recently awarded an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation by Buyer’s Lab in the Summer 2017 Pick Awards.

“Manufacturers have designed ingenious ways to pick and feed single sheets quickly, and one of the most innovative solutions BLI technicians have seen is Visioneer’s Active Reversing Rollers,” noted Jamie Bsales, Director of Software Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab.

“The design has two sets of rollers that are being driven independently by two separate motors, rather than using friction or spring-loaded mechanisms to separate pages. This means the devices can be more precise when feeding pages. Indeed, over the course of scanning 100,000 pages in BLI’s rigorous reliability tests, two recently tested devices had but one misfeed between them.”

Time is money, and by investing in the right technology, you can get the job done right – the first time. Ready to bridge the paper-digital divide in your business? Learn more about the full range of Xerox scanners, perfect for any enterprise organization.

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