What to Know about Secure Printing

Secure printing. Endpoint security. Information risk. All these topics are related, and they’re top of mind for many IT professionals. Although security is a business priority, less than 25% have actually adopted secure printing practices. The problem is getting bigger, as intelligent connected devices become the enterprise norm.

As secure printing becomes a priority for our customers, we’ve been determined to create and share information that might be helpful. We’ve covered this issue for a while and have built up quite a library of useful information available to anyone who wants to learn more about protecting endpoints, documents and processes.

Refer to this list of blogs to quickly find information about creating a strong endpoint security strategy. Bring the checklists with you to your next security assessment. Learn what questions to ask to make sure your Managed Print Services (MPS) partner really has the expertise, technology and mindset for secure printing.

Ten Useful Blogs About Secure Printing

  1. How Device Security Reduces Risk of Information Breaches
  2. Does Your MPS Partner Have Strong Security Skills?
  3. A Quick Guide to Reducing Document Information Risk
  4. Ten Checkpoints for Better Content Security
  5. Eight Takeaways: “Meeting Today’s Evolving Compliance Regulations”
  6. Reducing Risk in the Document Domain
  7. Ten Essentials Your Information Security Strategy Must Address
  8. Endpoint Security Part 1: Does Your MPS Provider Bring a Security Mindset?
  9. Endpoint Security Part 2: Ten Ways to Keep Your Printers – and Information – Secure
  10. Endpoints Secure? How About Employees Who Use Them?

Secure Printing eBook: How to Protect Document Information

Enterprises printers and copiers create millions of data impressions each year, and much of this information could be vulnerable. Don’t underestimate – or under-protect — what’s at risk.

If you’re concerned about security, consider getting more support from something you may already have – Managed Print Services. Some common security problems already have a solution that’s enabled by MPS. This ebook focuses the factors that make up a document security strategy and how MPS fits into the picture:

  • User-related issues
  • Device considerations
  • Vetting an MPS partner for document security

Use the downloadable checklists and discussion guides in this ebook to find a Managed Print Services (MPS) partner who keeps the data on your multifunction printers (MFPs) as safe as possible. The security of your documents can’t be taken for granted, but the networked multi-function devices in your enterprise can become allies in the security battle, instead of risks.

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