Save the Date: GDPR and the Paper-to-Digital Journey

To most public sector organisations, GDPR will mean increased accountability, more work and the threat of substantial fines for non-compliance. However, it also presents an opportunity to improve citizen services by implementing a holistic data strategy across an organisation. Combined with a robust digital transformation agenda, the potential for better citizen interactions and delivering better outcomes is huge.

The new regulation gives citizens significantly more rights and powers over how their data is used and consumed, as well as the ability to request a government organisation provide the details of all the information held about them. The ability to search, manage and store citizen data quickly, easily and securely will become an absolute imperative.

We believe it’s an ideal opportunity to transform processes from paper-based to digital – but do you know how to go about this?

Learn from GDPR Seminar

Xerox is hosting an industry seminar on GDPR compliance challenges and the role of digital transformation. Join industry leaders and security specialists in a discussion on how to get to grips with what GDPR means for your organisation, where to begin your journey, and what transformation strategies will help optimise outcomes for your organisation and the people you serve.

What: Industry Seminar

Where: Xerox Innovation Centre, Uxbridge

When: Thursday 14 September 2017, 12.00pm to 4.30pm

Martin Fletcher from The National Archives will join us to examine how organisations can prepare for GDPR, how it differs from the Data Protection Act and share his top five tips for success. Martin has developed a GDPR learning path in partnership with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Cabinet Office. During his session, he will share an overview of this module and invite you to participate in an interactive scenario used in one of his workshops.

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To understand how your peers are tackling the new legislation and learn from experts where to prioritise investment to minimise risk, register to attend the webinar now.

Together, we’ll help you to discover the heart of the paper to digital journey.

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