A New Name for Business Of Work: ‘Enterprise Matters’

You’ll notice our new name on February 3; and we think you’ll appreciate it when our redesigned look rolls out next week.

By Ken Ericson, director, Content Marketing, Xerox

As time marches on, ideas change and we’re challenged to take a fresh look at what was once fresh thinking. Since we’ve been blogging in this space for a few years, it was that time to step back to review how you experience Business Of Work.

We looked at everything – from the design to the actual name. Certainly, the blog was due for a facelift. Xerox’s branded look has added new tools and refined images over the years, so it makes sense that this blog should reflect our evolution. With a refreshed, simpler look, combined with the need for a name that more closely identifies with the majority of our readers, the name jumped out at us: “Enterprise Matters.”

Our new name will take effect on Monday, February 3. Our address will also change to enterprisematters.blogs.xerox.com, but don’t worry about using the old address – it will redirect you to our new location so you really don’t have to do a thing.

We will unveil our new look on February 11. We think you’ll like it, and we hope it means that you will visit us more often.

Use our comments section to let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.


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