Are You Prepared for the Future of Work?

FutureOfWorkWhile it’s likely your answer to the headline’s question is affirmative, the same cannot be said of most companies.

According to Workforce 2020, an independent, global study conducted by Oxford Economics with support from SAP SE, and as reported by CNN Money, “Most companies recognize the importance of managing an increasingly international, diverse and mobile workforce. However, the majority lack the strategy, culture and solutions to do so.”

From the article: “Oxford Economics surveyed more than 5,400 employees and executives and interviewed 29 executives in 27 countries, finding that two-thirds of businesses have not made significant progress toward building a workforce that will meet their future business objectives.”

Based on the study’s findings, CNN Money lists the “Top Six Workforce Issues Facing Companies”:

  1. Compensation matters most
  2. Millennials are misunderstood
  3. The talent gap is widening
  4. Leadership is lacking
  5. The workforce is changing
  6. Compensation models, development and technology must change

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