Mobile Devices Largest Threat to Business Security in 2014

Indy WorkerReaders of this blog have probably noticed a recurring theme among the many topics we cover: the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement.

It’s covered extensively here (and across the web) because the consumerization of IT is a trend that’s been a hot topic among enterprise IT leaders and small-business owners, and it’s expected to grab even more headlines in 2014.

With the rise of personal smartphones and tablets in use at the office and while working remotely, the security of a company’s business-critical data is a paramount concern.

So it’s likely not surprising that according to a study by the Poneman Institute, as reported by Mashable, mobile devices will represent the most significant threat to business security in the upcoming year.

It’s definitely food for thought for those professionals whose job it is to ensure company data—often the lifeblood of business success—stays protected during an era of broad BYOD acceptance.

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