Seeing the future with customers at Xerox’s new UK Innovation Centre

Darren Cassidy, Xerox UK, Managing Director

I’m often asked about innovation and what it means to Xerox, our customers and partners.

For the past 75 years at Xerox it’s been about simplifying the way work gets done by introducing a new, smarter or different way of driving a positive impact across a business. Our customers, of course, are central to this process.

UK Innovation CentreThis is why we’ve opened our new UK Innovation Centre, an environment where customers can see the future and understand the tools that make it possible. By tightly connecting with customers we better understand their needs, which helps foster our culture of innovation.

Visitors to the centre can explore the three stages of our next-generation managed print services, designed to help organisations bridge their digital and paper worlds.

Stage 1 – Assess and Optimise – what is your equipment currently doing and how could things be running better? Our range of new software extracts information and analyses will pull out and display the mountain of data that already exists within any workflow, and present practical scenarios for changes that will improve utilisation and efficiency.

Stage 2 – Secure and Integrate – the distributed workforce and developments such as BYOD require tools that help organisations clearly identify users and ensure that they are connected to the right network.

Stage 3 – Automate and Simplify – from these first two stages, we then build a platform to fundamentally change how work gets done, creating new digital workflows or making complicated manual processes work at the touch of a button.

Every completed stage generates new information that can be acted upon, and shines a light on other processes that could be simplified, enabling us to continue the cycle of innovation.

Tempted to pay the centre a visit? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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