Jaws isn’t a film about a shark

Andy Jones, vice-president, workflow automation, Xerox

Ever heard that the film Jaws isn’t about a shark?

Listeners to the BBC Five Live Film Review are probably familiar with this particular debate. But it’s an idea you can apply to countless other scenarios.

Like Xerox is a photocopying company, for example.

Sure, this is an instinctive first response when asked what the company means to you. But look beneath the surface and things aren’t quite as they seem.

If we go back to Jaws for a moment, how much screen time does the shark actually get? Similarly, how much of Xerox’s revenue comes from hardware and how much comes from services?

When you look a little closer, even the most entrenched of views can be overcome.

Xerox ServicesAt our U.K.  Innovation Centre today, we are hosting the Service Excellence Forum, where a group of organisations including Air Tanker, Gravity, NATS, PA Consulting, Rolls Royce and Thales will discuss the future of service design and innovation.

Creating new services is something we have pursued since Chester Carlson invented xerography 75 years ago. But at today’s event, I will describe why we decided to transform ourselves into a services led, technology driven business.

This meant offering total facilities management for companies, helping them create efficient offices that do not rely on paper. It meant selling fewer devices than previously but doing more to make them fit into new business workflows. It meant taking over HR, financing and accounting systems, and applying our data analytics to a whole host of business processes.

Much more than just a shark – I think you’ll agree.

Got another example of a film or book which is due a new, alternate reading? Get involved in the debate via #ServiceExcellence.

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