Is Hiring Scientific?

BigDataHiringIn the article, “How Big Data Is Influencing Hiring,” courtesy of Mashable, the author discusses the ways in which data analytics is dramatically altering how companies make hiring decisions.

Because almost every company’s largest expense is employee-related (hiring, compensating, training and retaining), it’s certainly understandable that businesses are eager to go the extra mile to ensure they’re onboarding the very best fits to fill their staffing holes.

But asking applicants to play a video game as a means of testing their multitasking and decision-making skills?

According to The New York Times, as reported by Mashable, that’s exactly the type of hiring tool many new startups are using.

Based on the Mashable piece and other writings online, it appears that Big Data is running the show.

The two articles to which I linked above very interesting reads, and worth your time. I’d love it if, after reading them, you return here and share your thoughts on the subject.

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