Recruitment Strategies for Large-group Hiring

When companies need to hire lots of employees, typically for seasonal operations during the summer months and over the holiday shopping season, or when new facilities must be staffed, such as a call center or warehouse, it can be challenging to efficiently onboard a large headcount.

Ensuring you’re hiring the best people for those numerous positions adds another challenge.

In the article, “How to Get Your Recruitment Process Ready for Summer,” courtesy of the Huffington Post, the author provides tips hiring managers can use to streamline the large-group hiring process.

From the article: “According to the 2014 Recruitment Technology Trends, there are several new and improved hiring avenues of which employers need to be aware. While you may have some standby recruitment strategies, such as social recruiting or attending career fairs, there are alternative methods to create even better outcomes.”

Here are the 2014 recruitment trends identified in the article:

  • Recruitment advertising
  • Mobile recruitment
  • Multi-screen recruiting
  • Big data

The author explains what each trend is and how to use it, and provides the information you need to decide whether one of the described methods might be right for you.

Also related to summer staffing, check out the Real Business article, “How to Pick Rock Star Summer Interns,” for tips from career coaches on how to select the best interns for your company’s needs.

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