Happy Anniversary… to the Business of Work!

By Breanna Banford, Social Marketing Specialist, Xerox Enterprise Business Group

one year anniversaryToday marks the one year anniversary of the launch of the Business of Work blog! We’ve come a long way over this past year, not without the amazing contribution of our blog authors and our readers. Thanks to all of you for keeping this blog going strong each month – we hope you’re learning from our contributors and we love hearing your feedback.

In honor of our one year anniversary, we’re sharing our Top 5 posts since our launch in August 2011. Take a look:

  1. Here, there, doesn’t matter where – I am the workplace: Are you living a double life, unable to discern work and personal time in the always-on workplace? Here’s some perspective about the future of work following the June 2012 Future of Work Dreaming Session.
  2. How To Choose an Online Platform for Collaborating with Your Coworkers: Tips on choosing the best collaboration software for your company as you search for new ways to connect using social media and online tools.
  3. What the Best Run Companies Do: Apply the Basics: Great companies do something so basic, so simple, and logical one wonders why more companies do not follow suit? They apply simple and basic principles of life.
  4. Tipping Points and Long Hauls – The Tablet Revolution: Will tablets soon be pervasive in the office, taking over laptops? If so, are we at the tipping point?
  5. Tablets: Productivity Tool or Toy?: As more business professionals begin using tablets, will vendors and developers recognize the need for more enterprise applications that keep workers connected during their busy work days?

Tell us, what do you want to read about in the 2nd year of the Business of Work blog?

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