Improving Customer Experience Where Physical Meets Digital

Guest post by Rachel Wicks, Xerox Marketing Programs Manager for Managed Document Services, International Operations, @Wicksy4

Xerox thought leaders share ideas on transformation strategy and practice at the DES Digital Business World Congress in Madrid 22-24 May. DES targets CEOs, CIOs, CMOs and HR departments and draws over 18,000 attendees from businesses of all sizes. The theme is “Facing the Digital Avalanche.”

As more businesses drive digitization and digital transformation to improve customer experience, they face challenges that previously didn’t exist. Digital brings a host of new opportunities, but businesses must prepare for the “digital avalanche.” 

“With digital transformation a core priority to most businesses, many find that managing the link between the physical and digital is key to success. It’s at that intersection, flowing back and forth between physical and digital, where we have unique insights to share and a range of innovations that automate and integrate securely with the cloud or mobile to help the transformation journey – ultimately improve customer experience,” notes Darrell Minards Xerox Vice President, Marketing & Communications.

At DES Madrid, visitors can learn how Xerox addresses transformation challenges in three areas: Cybersecurity Series, Digit Marketing Planet: Digital Partnerships, and Cloud Series.

Dr. Alissa Johnson (aka Dr. Jay), Xerox CISO, talks about why enterprises need a strategy to deal with security threats from the “The Subtle Adversary.” Cybersecurity has been a hot-button topic in our digital world, but with hackers and security threats still looming, how do business stay ahead, and what are the mission-critical components to a security strategy? As we consider devices, the cloud and AI, how can we deliver more security while watching for the subtle adversary?

May 23 CyberSecurity Series, 11.20 – 11.40   

Pablo Carvajal, Head of Strategy for Communications & Marketing Services addresses a dilemma for business: How do you adapt customer journeys for new generations?  Today, a quarter of the world population is under 20 years old and known as Generation Z. In a few years Generation Z will become the largest buying power in the world, and they will do it so differently that their purchasing behavior will be considered game-changing. It’s almost completely digital by comparison to other generations. Smartphones and tablets are always on, and even a four-year old can use Google voice search on an iPad. Imagine what will be possible by the time that child enters the workforce! Companies that first understand then provide the right Customer Experience to this new generation will get more than long-term loyal customers, they will get promoters.

May 23 Digital Marketing Series – Digital Partnerships, 16.20 – 16.40 

Wasim Khan, Head of Digital Solutions, demonstrates how cloud-based solutions accelerate the transition to digital for an enhanced Customer Experience. The hybrid world of analog and digital is still somewhat paper-intensive, but the rapid growth of digitally native content is driving a much greater need for cloud-based solutions to solve document-centric business challenges. Having a smooth Customer and User Experience is vital, and adding depth and insights through constant connectivity, value-added analytics, predictability through robotics, AI, and deep learning delivers new efficiencies to support this. Cloud is drastically changing the way businesses operate and manage their Customer and User Experience. With cloud capabilities, the world is always connected; analytics are available on everything; and the speed of technology deployment is quicker.

May 23 Cloud Series, 15.20 – 15.40

Meet “AR Mary” Through Augmented Reality

In addition, Julian Blackler, General Manager, Communications & Marketing Services will showcase how Xerox uses Augmented Reality to enhance the customer experience at the event stand. The Xerox team designed and built the “Xerox® Madrid Showcase App” featuring a 3D character, Mary, using Augmented Reality in just three weeks to expand messaging beyond print. She supports Xerox Customer Engagement and Client Awareness at the DES event, and will be a new feature in Marketing and Communications plans.

A long-standing heritage in print and documents gives Xerox an intimate understanding of where physical meets digital. Today, Xerox provides a comprehensive approach to Digital Transformation through Connectkey technology and market-leading managed document services. We focus on automation, integration and personalization, all wrapped up in world-class Security. If you’re attending DES, join these sessions and find ideas for your business. If you can’t make it, follow online with #DES2018, and subscribe to the Enterprise Matters blog for follow-up coverage of the DES event.

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