Webinar: Documents, Compliance and Apps: Do You Know Enough to Avoid Risk?

No matter what size your organization, no matter what your industry — no business can afford to ignore regulatory compliance. Every market has its own constellation of industry, state and federal compliance requirements.

“Compliance is foundational. Every company has some requirement for it, whether it’s information for HIPAA or something else,” says compliance expert Janice Reese, CEO, Network PDF Cloud Solutions Inc. “Many businesses don’t have enough understanding of the requirements around HIPAA or healthcare, for example, and how it affects HR data. And that’s just one area,” says Reese.

Penalties for noncompliance can be severe. With so many areas within a company vulnerable to compliance missteps and missed steps, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Some organizations aren’t aware they’re not in compliance. “We see that every day. We tell them apps are available help them to be compliant, and they don’t even realize they aren’t compliant,” notes Joshua Justice, President Just-Tech, a CRN 2017 Next-Gen 250 Solutions Provider.

Apps Break Down Workflow Barriers

Almost every aspect of compliance processing involves documents and paper. Yet paper often gets in the way of efficiency when it comes to managing documents and workflow. The paper-based compliance processes that people traditionally deal with create some of the biggest challenges – but they’re also some of the most fixable.

A familiar technology we see every day can transform compliance workflow and eliminate many problems. Apps –similar to the ones we use on our phones — now combine with multifunction printers to eliminate manual steps from almost any kind of document workflow. We call it a “workplace assistant,” and this extra set of hands can digitize compliance workflow and make it more efficient.

Apps Lock in Compliance Workflow

When you think in terms of apps-based workflow, you can redefine and reimagine compliance processes. The benefits are immediate: You reduce manual steps, errors and costs as you digitize your business. “One thing to remember with apps is you not only simplify workflow, you also set it all up in the app,” says Josh Justice. “You lock in compliance workflow behind the scenes.”

Use Digital Transformation to Solve Compliance

Digitizing with apps is a means to Digital Transformation (DX). “When you begin to analyze workflow and conceptualize app improvements, you can start with compliance and extend DX into other processes to transform into a digital business at a comfortable pace,” says Paul Miller, Xerox Solutions and Apps Expert. Developers support and sell many apps that help with compliance processes, so people can start doing something now with off-the-shelf alternatives. Custom apps offer another path. (Read this blog for more info on working with custom app developers.)

“Digital transformation is happening, and you must look at it sooner rather than later. The big question is always how to start? Here’s how you can think about it based on what you could be doing using the apps,” explains Janice Reese. Digitization and compliance intersect at the point of the app. Apps demystify the process of going digital and help you think about workflow in new ways.

Learn about Compliance, Documents and Apps in this Webinar

How do apps let you rethink compliance processes and bring digital transformation to compliance? Attend this webinar to find out. Join Janice Reese, Josh Justice and Paul Miller in “Compliance, Document and Apps: What You Need to Know,” The webinar shares examples of how apps lead to more affordable ways to be compliant. You won’t come away empty-handed. Register today.

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