Digital Workflow from Your MFP? There’s an App for That.

Guest post by Karl Hofmeister, Global Offering Manager, Xerox Corporation

One promise of digital transformation is that it will automate and accelerate your work processes. The problem is, how do you get to that point? Research shows that while executives recognize the digital imperative, we don’t seem to be moving that way as fast as you might expect. One reason could be the overwhelming scale of enterprise transformation and not knowing where to start. Just how do you boil the ocean?

Digital transformation just got a little closer, perhaps as close as the nearest MFP. With the ability to create customized apps and use them at your printer, a smart MFP becomes an extension of your digital device universe. Now it’s easier to start your organization’s digital journey one process at a time.

Make an MFP Screen Your Next Digital Device
As we become more entrenched in digital worlds, we’ve come to expect that the convenience of our personal devices should migrate to the interfaces that connect us with our work technologies as well. As leading commercial and public sector organizations adopt Managed Print Services and workflow automation, some have turned to their smart MFPs for the next digital screens to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction.

Where Can App Innovation Take You?
Device-level innovation can improve work processes in virtually every industry. Consider these examples:

  • Hospitality: Allow your guests to quickly print off the folio for their stay or the boarding pass for their flight.
  • Financial Services: Enable knowledge workers to quickly and accurately populate line-of-business systems with scanned documents, complete with attached metadata in just a few clicks.
  • Healthcare: Deliver a custom forms library right at the MFP front panel, including new patient forms, instructions, post-acute care guides and hospital care surveys.
  • Human Resources: Create a simple, secure printing environment from protected network file shares and repositories.
    Expense Reports: Streamline submission of completed expense reports with a simple workflow app that helps capture the requisite forms and accompanying receipts.

Start with One Process and Grow from There
A single customized app can replace multiple steps in an inefficient process with one touch of the device screen. Users can access the apps quickly and complete tasks entirely at the MFP, including retrieving documents on a network without use of a computer.

The ability to customize apps at the device provides a more personalized experience for the tasks workers do every day. For further convenience, users log in just once, and use multiple applications without needing to log in again. The apps are easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructure and can also be set up to connect steps into other digital processes.

Need Some Help with that App?
Are you ready for digital transformation that goes beyond what’s available off the shelf? Xerox recently brought app customization to market as both a solution and a service. Some Xerox iSmart MFPs now include an app-capable Xerox ConnectKey interface. View the apps that are available today at

You can add more customization and value to your digital initiatives without having to become a developer yourself. The Xerox MFP Workflow App Customization Service quickly connects you to development-level support and expertise to deliver simple, yet powerful MFP applications.

Putting Focus on Personal and Office Productivity
Employees continue to lose valuable time each day with inefficient document-based work processes. As part of the Xerox commitment to assisting your digital transformation, our focus on Personal and Office Productivity helps you help your knowledge workers – to automate and simplify their personal and office work experience. That means more time for high-value work that better serves your customers and grows your business.

Can your MFP fleet become a starting point toward greater productivity and end user satisfaction? Let’s have a conversation and find out.

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