Where to Start Being a Digital Business? Start with Document Workflow.

Not digitized yet? Just getting going? Trying to figure it all out? You’re not alone. The common dilemma holding most companies back is, “Where do I start?”

According to the report, “Digitization at Work,” less than 50% of information technology (IT) leaders say their processes are mostly or fully digitalized. Only 10% are digitized across the board.

Source: “Digitization at Work”

The research also suggests IT knows where to look to find digital opportunities. In the same digitization study, 71% identified processes that would benefit from automation, and that’s a really good place to start.

Yet there’s still hesitation.

The “Digital Impasse”

This trend reflects the “digital impasse,” as described in this article about the five pillars of IDC’s digital transformation maturity model. IDC predicts that in just a few years, “60% of enterprises will have fully articulated an organization-wide, digital platform strategy.” Cloud-based workflows will drive most of this change.

But the unsettling news is, going digital with a full-scale strategy remains unexplored territory. No wonder there’s trepidation and uncertainty. Yet the payoff is so worth it. There are competitive, financial and efficiency advantages to going digital, even if it’s just one or two processes at a time.

Digital Transformation: What to Do Now?

Xerox Senior Vice President of Managed Document Services, Ted Dezvane, tackled the problem of “what to do now?” in a recent article in Document Strategy magazine. In “5 Steps to Go Digital in the New Year,” he explored how organizations can start digitization that turns business goals into reality.

Ted distills a digital transformation strategy down to five manageable pillars. That focus helps organizations channel their digitization efforts in a more tactical, intentional way. Read the full article to learn more about how to:

  • Look at paper workflows from a bird’s-eye view
  • Dive into the data
  • Build buy-in across the business
  • Scale out with automation
  • Play to your strengths

http://bit.ly/2EOKPDUThe full article on digital transformation can be accessed both on the Document website and in a two-page spread in the Winter print edition.








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