The Latest Thinking on Workflow Automation

Dr. George Westerman, innovation guru
Read the latest thinking on workflow automation.

What’s your business hot button right now? Tighter document security? Reducing paper output? Faster processes? Better document security? More nimble service?

There’s something for everyone in the latest issue of Chief Optimist magazine. The new edition takes Workflow Automation as its theme, and that leads into all kinds of stories.

For example:

Digital Transformation
What can a paint company teach us about business transformation? Here’s a clue: customer feedback. In the Chief Optimist cover article, “Transforming Work,” Dr. George Westerman and Xerox CTO Dr. Sophie Vandebroek discuss how one company turned customer feedback into business transformation.

These experts also exchanged ideas about transformation strategies and what this means to businesses. “Digital masters aren’t digital firms,” says Dr. Westerman. They just get more value out of their technology. Who doesn’t want that?

And consider this pivotal question for digital strategists: Do you want to do the same thing faster, or do you want to do something new? It’s all part of your digital vision, which you should start building now, BTW. You might consider framing it around these three imperatives for digital transformation: Great technology, transformative vision and strong execution.

Digitizing Documents
So where are we with the paperless office? About three trillion pages away, according to Andy Jones in his insightful interview in Chief Optimist magazine. Read this piece to learn how the latest digital technologies are matching the flexibility of pen and paper. Also find out the difference between enterprise workflow and personal workflow and what this means for how we improve productivity.

Documents remain at the center of enterprise workflow, even though so much about the enterprise has changed. Now digital technology needs to catch up to where paper has been for 2,000 years. Workers want the flexibility to interact with documents in their own way. How can they do that? Again, look to Andy Jones’ article, “Have Pen and Paper Met Their Match?” Jones explains why digital transformation must be a “bottom-up revolution.” You’ll also find the five reasons documents are used and how these reasons now guide the digital alternatives experience.

Digital Records Management
What a story — 3,400 hospital employees, hundreds of thousands of records, and over fifty workers manually tracking documents in the hospital medical records library. It’s no surprise that paper records created a compliance and security nightmare for Luton & Dunstable University Hospital, but they solved the problem brilliantly. Read this piece to learn how the hospital phased out paper files to achieve fully digital records management with 99.7 percent availability. Now instant record access translates into better patient diagnosis and treatment.

These are just a few of the articles you’ll find in the latest workflow automation issue of the Chief Optimist magazine. Your copy is waiting.

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