Reinvesting in Students with Automation Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Guest post by Michael Kortan, Vice President, Workflow Automation, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox

From the tens of thousands of applications that institutions receive each year, to the vast number of student records they must maintain for past and present students, universities are responsible for a massive amount of documents.

Despite the overwhelming volume of documents across all university departments, many institutions have yet to make the transition away from manual, paper-based processes that ultimately increase costs and decrease productivity. These document-intensive processes that dominate universities across the country stand in stark contrast to the increasingly fast-paced, digital world in which students live. College students have unlimited access to information at their fingertips and they expect the same speed of accessibility to their educational records.

With that said, universities across the country are embarking on digital transformation to keep up with the demands of their student body. Xerox is addressing this challenge with the release of seven new Xerox workflow solutions for higher education that transform repetitive, error-prone and tedious tasks into highly accurate and automated processes that save time and money.

  • Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Admissions Processing: This solution automates paper processes to eliminate delays allowing admissions offices to process applications and get acceptance letters back to selected applicants quickly.
  • Xerox Workflow Automation Solutions for Athletics: Compliance is a major priority for university athletic departments. Whether it’s a physician’s report with conditioning restrictions, a scouting report for a possible recruit or a health screening, this solution allows athletic departments to maintain meticulous records that can be easily accessed and updated.
  • Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Financial Aid: By replacing time-intensive, paper-based processes with Xerox Workflow Automation Solutions for Financial Aid, universities can send out financial aid packages sooner, resulting in higher student acceptance rates to meet enrollment goals.
  • Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Registrar Processing: When students stop by their registrar’s office to change courses, switch majors or seek academic guidance, they expect quick and convenient service and can be easily frustrated by delays. This solution relieves registrar staff of the burden of processing paper documents, so they can focus on their more pressing student-facing responsibilities.
  • Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Student Advising: This solution ensures that all student records and previous counseling interactions are thorough, accurate, fully updated and in one central location, improving the quality of counseling that staff is able to provide to students.
  • Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Student Billing: Manual, paper-reliant processes can create bottlenecks when issuing bills, generating reports, filing receipt documentation and updating financial systems. With this solution bursars and other student financial service offices can provide quick, superior customer service, ultimately driving revenue up and administrative costs down.
  • Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Transcript Capture and Evaluation: With more and more students arriving at college with existing credits from college level courses in high school or previous university attendance, this solution is the answer for many colleges seeking alternatives to manually entering course data into student information systems.

The value of these seven workflow solutions for higher education lies not only in the proven time and cost savings, but also in the increased student satisfaction and improved student experience they create campus-wide.

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