Serving a Mobile Workforce Keeps IT in Motion

The mobile workforce. If you’re an IT leader, you can’t ignore it. IDC says we’ll reach over 105 million mobile workers by 2020, accounting for almost three quarters of the total U.S. workforce. It’s beyond a trend; It’s a way of life.

It’s more important than ever for IT leadership to have strategies in place to accommodate this undeniable demographic. To assist with that task, we’ve compiled excerpts from popular blogs about IT and mobility. If you missed them the first time around, you’ll find specific guidance for integrating the mobile imperative into your IT strategies.

Blog Excerpt: And You Thought Mobile Print Was Just About Printing
For a successful mobile outcome, two issues must be resolved: how to integrate mobile usage into existing processes, and how to easily and securely print from a tablet or other device when the task requires it. Just as you optimize processes to increase productivity and streamline service, now you start thinking in terms of how to do the same with mobile workflow. Aim for a mobile strategy that increases productivity by keeping users connected to their enterprise document workflows. Integrating mobile workflow with legacy processes sounds complicated, and it’s certainly nothing to jump into without preparation.

This is where an MPS vendor can fill in the gaps. Next Generation MPS is as much about document processes as it is about document output. When considered as part of a total MPS offering, mobile print becomes a means of helping employees get work done more efficiently by providing document accessibility without compromising information security. Workers can be more responsive and productive when they have the documents they need anywhere, anytime.

Blog Excerpt: IT (Heart) Mobile Print
Unless mobile solutions satisfy the needs of enterprise IT as well, it’s going to be a slow and uncertain start out of the gate. IT managers must figure out the best ways to maintain security and workflow standards across a mobile work environment, while freeing employees to be productive wherever they are. And they have to figure it out in the midst of a market that is still in the process of defining itself. Aim for a mobile print solution that doesn’t drag down your IT team as it liberates your knowledge workers.

Mobile workers need to take document-based enterprise processes with them into the mobile realm where they work. This requires solutions that ensure secure extension of workflows. This blog includes:

  • Checklist to evaluate security features of mobile print solutions
  • A list to help you build a strategy focused on enterprise mobile productivity and convenience
  • Information about why you must look at the scale of a mobile print solution

Blog Excerpt: What’s the One Thing Mobile Knowledge Workers Need Most?
No matter where we sit – at a desk or in a car — mobile knowledge workers depend on the raw material of information to produce our “products.” This means access to information is the most important thing we need to get our jobs done. So when you hear talk about mobile print and information mobility, those concepts really roll up under the bigger challenge of overall information access.

The work hasn’t changed. How we get it done has, and that’s why mobile workflow and information access must be part of the package delivered by Next Gen MPS providers. Next Gen MPS caters not only to the office-bound enterprise, but also to a broader set of users that includes the mobile workforce. In this blog, find a list of MPS-related capabilities that help enterprises provide a productive environment for remote employees.

Blog Excerpt: We’re All Mobile Now
Many predictions foresaw mobile worker populations of over 1 billion by 2015, and it’s probably safe to say we hit that mark. Do you know any colleague who doesn’t own a smartphone? Most knowledge workers are mobile at some time or other. Mobile is one more piece of Digital Transformation that’s redefining the workplace. It’s a trend that’s gone beyond mobile print into the realm of information access and use. The productivity enhancements emerging to meet the need of the mobile workforce are changing the way we work. The result will be offerings we may not necessarily think of as mobile solutions, but as part of the bigger picture of Digital Transformation. Already, with tools like Xerox Digital Alternatives, a knowledge worker can access, read, annotate, approve and share an important, time-sensitive document right from a tablet or PC, car or office.

Let us know what creates the biggest headaches for you in developing your mobile enterprise strategy.

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