Submitted by: Dewey Rodgers, Solutions Marketing Manager, Xerox

As most of us know, mobile device use in the workplace has gone through the roof in recent years and more technology continues to emerge that lets us work wherever, whenever. Take me for example, in the last year, I went from using an antiquated cell phone to owning a smartphone, buying a personal tablet and using two tablets for work.

One industry in particular has always been very mobile – real estate. Realtors are always on the go showing properties. As technology has improved, so have the ways realtors do business with their clients. Mobile technology, like smartphones and tablets, keep the agents connected 24/7. Improving efficiency is the reason many agents adopt this new technology. It’s important that they can conveniently do their usual daily tasks, like printing contracts from their mobile devices, as quickly and simply as possible. One business in particular, Brickell Realty Group, based in Miami, Florida has seen how technology really does help them do their work faster and stay connected in and out of the office.

I spoke with the agents at Brickell Realty to learn more about the effects mobile technology has had on their business.

Why did you choose to implement new technology in your business?

“Yes, as you know, we just went through a pretty critical period with the real estate bubble bursting.  And what we did when we saw the handwriting on the wall, was to start investing in technological improvements.”

“It [technology] has opened our doors to really a new method of operation. Our agents have attained a liberty to operate that most agents in most other companies do not have. […] Our agents have the instrument now to be able to send documents from their telephones, from their iPads and it all goes by securely and fast to the office.”

–Ignacio Fiterre, Broker, Brickell Realty Group

How have mobile devices made your job simpler?

“At the end of the day, we want every agent to have an iPad because it is a very complete tool.  And they adapt very well to our job. So now that we have these new solutions, we have  more time to visit our clients and expand our portfolio. So the business is growing a little bit more day by day.  I think while we learn how to use every tool on the iPad,[…] our job will be more efficient.“ –Guierrmo Rincon, Realtor Associate, Brickell Realty Group

Learn more about Brickell Realty, tablet use and Xerox Mobile Print Solution in our video case study.

Have you adopted new technology at your company – how has it changed the way you work?