Mobilizing for Mobility: How to Ensure IT’s Readiness

Xerox Mobile ComputingAs a follow-up to a recent Enterprise Matters post, “How Enterprises Prioritize Consumerization-of-IT Spending,” I think it’s appropriate to discuss the ways in which IT personnel can gain (or supplement) the necessary expertise to implement the changes management prioritizes.

As the previous post states, “…83% of enterprises surveyed for a newly published study intend to invest in mobile technology…,” which emphasizes the need for IT resources to be ready to properly adopt and maintain the emerging mobile methodologies.

An new article featured on, “14 Mobile Certifications that Meet IT Demands,” provides fantastic suggestions for how to go about learning or fortifying the skills needed to ensure your IT organization can proactively address rapidly evolving mobile technologies.

From the article: “Now that mobility has become critically important to IT, helping employees achieve one or more certifications is a win-win for both employers and employees alike. Managers need a well-developed and skilled workforce to tackle today’s omnipresent mobile issues, while employees feel more confident in supporting business and IT functions if they receive proper training and experience.”

There’s lots of great information in the piece, so I hope you read it.

In my next Enterprise Matters post I’ll share one IT manager’s experience overhauling his organization’s existing infrastructure for BYOD compatibility, and his advice for others facing a similar challenge.

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