Following up my earlier post regarding some of the ways in which companies should focus their employee-retention efforts, this InfoWorld article discusses what employers should do when staff leaves with personal mobile devices tied into the employers’ network infrastructure.

Whether because of a layoff, termination or resignation, companies could be at risk if sensitive data walks out the door with a departing employee.

From the piece: “As more workplaces embrace BYOD practices, they’ll increasingly confront the question of how to balance the benefits of a self-provisioned workforce against the risks of company assets walking out the door when workers are let go. What can IT departments currently do to minimize risk when BYOD-practicing employees are laid off? What practices and policies can they put in place to make future departures as smooth as possible?”

It’s an interesting situation, for sure—and one that’s only going to become more prevalent as the BYOD trend continues its upward trajectory.