What to Expect from UX-ready Print Devices

User experience or UX can be made of many little things.  New print devices and print management platforms on the market pay close attention to the user details, with capabilities like these to improve UX on a daily basis. Taken individually, they’re just features on a product sheet. As part of an active UX-focused system, they add value to the total experience. 

Fast start and customizable interface:

  • Step-by-step configuration leads to faster information sharing and more efficient workflows. Like a digital assistant, an intuitive layout guides users through every task. Critical functions await near the top of the screen, with commonly used options front and center. Don’t like where a function or app is placed? Customize the layout to make it yours.
  • A common look and feel across devices makes it easy and intuitive for users to go from one location to another without additional training – or fumbling – over the equipment.
  • Self-help videos and troubleshooting tips directly from the device’s touch screen, for occasional intervention—with no service call needed.

Capabilities support hybrid print-digital document workflow:

  • Convert paper documents – Have information digitally accepted into workflow at point of service or contact.
  • Easily deliver a professional, printed document at point of need.
  • Scan to App – access all scan destinations and features in one location at the device’s touchscreen UI.
  • Scanned documents become text-searchable PDFs and single and multipage PDFs for easy archiving, organizing and locating.
  • Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) for text-searchable PDFs, critical for digitizing paper-based workflow.
  • Auto-Color Scanning checks if the document is color or black-and-white and adjusts for the need. Imagine the cumulative improvements in cost, sustainability and speed, as well as countless reductions in the user annoyance factor.
  • Scan and Fax Preview. Preview files before scanning or faxing. Rotate and add additional pages prior to sending. Improves accuracy and reduces rework.

Automate fleet management for minimal human involvement:

  • An automatic virtual supplies administrator continuously watches over your device fleet (at no extra cost) so employees don’t have to. Admins, IT staff and device users everywhere will thank you.
  • Automated Supplies Review, Notification and Ordering. When it comes to toner/ink and waste bottles, devices that automatically “talk” to ordering systems don’t require any user effort, and that’s part of good UX, too. You don’t have to react when the device tells you toner is running low. Allow the software to take care of that for you. The service instantly places the order without human intervention. The supplies manager and IT department will love how much easier it makes life for them. Your staff will stay uninterrupted and productive, as printers continue to function smoothly.
  • Eliminate print bottlenecks, re-work and employee downtime with Print Around to produce a document on alternate paper when necessary.
  • With a Global Print Driver, IT administrators can install, upgrade and manage multiple brands of devices from a single driver.

People depend on printers every day, and they can have a better experience every time, as long as you choose printers designed with user experience in mind.

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