Start Your Document Strategy with this Webinar: “Key Office Trends and Outlook for 2018”

Whatever 2018 has in store for your business, it will certainly involve documents. Yet how many of us have taken the time for a fresh look at our document management practices?

To chart the right direction, it helps to understand what’s ahead, and this webinar has answers. In “Key Office Trends and Outlook for 2018,” Randy Dazo of Keypoint Intelligence covers several areas you’ll want to consider as you evaluate the state of your document systems and practices. Find out what’s ahead for businesses like yours, as Randy looks at these topics:

Randy Dazo, Keypoint Intelligence
  • Managed print services
  • Cloud workflow
  • Security measures
  • Business process automation
  • Big data and analytics

You vs. Paper

If you’re a mid-sized organization, chances are you still rely on paper. Medium-sized companies remain the most paper-heavy compared to small and large firms, with education and professional services the most paper-intensive markets. How does your paper use stack up? The webinar will help you figure out how you compare to your peers.

Studies send a clear message that business people still want to use paper sometimes. Perhaps your interest isn’t so much in eliminating paper altogether, but in finding a better way to manage both print and digital documents. A variety of causes hinder progress in most industries, and the webinar looks at hurdles like these:

  • System costs
  • Preference for paper
  • IT resources
  • Time constraints
  • Lack of training

MPS and the Cloud

Cloud deployment simplifies Managed Print Services implementation, so it’s important to understand how to take advantage of this. The webinar explains why cloud-based document workflow continues to gain traction:

  • Scalability
  • Predictability
  • Flexibility
  • Economy
  • Implementation speed

Mapping Workflows and Paper Processes

There are many areas within an organization where digital opportunities exist. Just start with any important printed document. The webinar shares examples of “following the page” and talks about:

  • How to identify workflow efficiencies and improvement opportunities
  • Records governance and conforming to policies with an auditable system
  • Security, compliance and data privacy challenges of paper

Pay Attention to Document Management

Make time for a fresh look at your document management strategy. Register for this important webinar with Randy Dazo, Keypoint Intelligence Group Director, Office Technology & Services.

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