Tell Your MPS Provider to Bring It ALL On

Managed Print Services, now in its second decade, has evolved far from its original charter of fleet management. Today MPS goes beyond basic assessment and device optimization to help organizations with initiatives like document security, information mobility, sustainability and workflow productivity.

We expect a lot from our MPS programs these days, and this means providers must bring more to the table. As companies engage in the next phase of their MPS strategies, whether it’s the “secure and integrate” stage or beyond into “automate and simplify,” they are best served by providers with a broad array of capabilities.

One Supplier. One Invoice.
The ideal MPS model for modern enterprises is one with a rich suite of solutions to serve a range of needs with one supplier and one invoice. Repeat – one supplier, one invoice.

Many MPS programs combine both “home-grown” and third party solutions, and that’s fine, as long as the provider makes clear who’s responsible. Look for a partner who’s not reluctant to centralize accountability and will proactively manage the full MPS delivery.

The benefits of a single source MPS provider are:

  • Less effort to manage the relationship
  • Clear accountability that reduces friction
  • Holistic view of your document environment for more integrated strategy
  • Dedicated relationship leading to deeper understanding of your total business

Innovation Skill to Deliver Broad Offerings
Next Gen MPS providers continually develop solutions and skills to push MPS value deeper into client organizations for more savings, productivity and innovation. They continually amplify their offerings with capabilities to address stubborn challenges and new opportunities.

Vendors that stand out as true models of Next Gen MPS are those whose offerings include workflow and analytics capabilities. They use this intelligence to define and deliver an innovation path for your enterprise.

What a Next Gen MPS Provider Looks Like
Does your MPS provider carry the depth of solutions that contribute to long-term, enterprise-wide improvements and optimization? Here are some of the qualities to look for in a well-rounded Next Gen MPS provider:

  • Well-established MPS program
  • Broadly differentiated MPS offerings
  • Strong assessment skills and technology
  • Diverse customer base across different business sizes and industries
  • Forward-facing focus fueled by innovation
  • Automated monitoring and reporting
  • Management of entire document lifecycle, from office to print shop
  • Strategic partnerships that enhance MPS results

Choosing the right partner is important at any level of MPS engagement, but getting valid, objective information about vendor performance and capabilities is time-consuming and uncertain. Independent sources help enterprises make the best decisions about MPS, including which vendors can deliver a broad set of capabilities. Read this report, “Managed IT Infrastructure: Managed Print Services,” to learn why InfoTrends named Xerox a leading MPS vendor.

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