Things that Matter: Saudi Xerox Gives Back

Guest post by Zamil A. Kasim, Marketing Manager, Saudi Xerox

There’s more that matters to an enterprise than increasing revenue and profit, like making a difference in the local communities where we live and work. At Xerox, our efforts reflect our belief that a successful corporation must also be an active participant in society.

Over the past few years, Xerox Saudi has been keenly focused on establishing a strong presence in Saudi Arabia’s growing technology market through its participation in the community. Here are a few ways they are making a difference:

Let’s Walk Together
Let’s Walk Together is a marathon hosted by a local non-profit organization, Help Center, to give children with disabilities an opportunity to learn, live, work and play in a safe environment. For the second year in a row, Xerox Saudi took part in this event – from running with the children to passing out water to runners, the Xerox Saudi team helped make this event a success.

World Kidney Day
Xerox celebrated World Kidney Day by helping a Kidney Dialysis Center in the city of Jeddah raise awareness about the impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. Volunteers provided healthy meals and snacks to patients at the Al Bir Charity Dialysis Center and visited with patients to show their support.

Corona Awareness
In the Capital City of Riyadh, Xerox Saudi volunteers coordinated with local health authorities to help raise awareness about a Middle Eastern viral respiratory infection that’s impacting locals and countries near the Arabian Peninsula, Corona Virus.

Volunteers showed their support by engaging the general public and handing out printed materials to educate the community on preventive measures to avoid such infections.

Through these efforts, Xerox Saudi is now considered a people’s company amongst its customers and partners through various CSR initiatives. Click here for more information on Xerox Corporate Social Responsibility.

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