Consumerization of IT Revisited: ‘The New Mobile Enterprise’

As a follow-up to the recently published Business of Work article, “A New Paradigm: Consumerization of IT Driving Bottom-Up Disruption,” I found a piece that provides timely insight into how CIOs in the enterprise can best position their companies to accommodate the rapidly increasing number of anywhere, anytime, any-device workers.

The article, “The New Mobile Enterprise: Less is More,” explores the concept of Unified Communications through what’s called Fixed Mobile Convergence.

If those terms are new to you, they were to me as well. But the Wired piece does a good job of explaining the concepts, as well as outlining the ways in which Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is key to enabling the new mobile enterprise.

In summary, FMC allows enterprises to:

  • Reduce telecommunications costs
  • Reduce management complexity
  • Accelerate adoption of mobile Unified Communications

It all comes down to an enterprise finding the path of least resistance when transforming into a business that embraces and benefits from what’s sure to become an almost ubiquitous mobile workforce.

From the article:

“The New Mobile Enterprise is about enabling enterprises to support the ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’ needs of the increasingly mobile workforce. The path to this objective involves more devices and options for end-users, but will also come down to communicating and collaborating with ‘less’ complexity and costs.”

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