A Fundamental Shift in the Meaning of Work

We’re all aware of the seemingly ubiquitous banter regarding the industrialized world’s shift to a mobile workforce. But is what we hear media hype, or truly an indicator that a dramatic evolution is underway?

In this incredibly informative Forbes.com article, the author makes a strong case in support of worker mobility, and discusses the many benefits in terms of new-found efficiencies and increased productivity.

To quote from the piece: “For workers and employers alike, the mobile revolution represents a sea change in productivity and the very nature of work itself. Work can be performed from anywhere, freeing workers from the tethers of a commute or finding day care for their children. Employers benefit from lower overhead, greater productivity, and heightened morale from a labor force that no longer sees work as a mere place to go, but as an integral part of a life lived on their terms.”

In my mind that statement perfectly encapsulates the many reasons why workplace mobility is not simply a fad, but rather a major shift in how many of us should expect our workplace environments to evolve.

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