Anonymous ‘Study’ Highlights Embedded Device Security Risks

An interesting story courtesy of, “Researcher hijacks insecure embedded devices en masse for Internet census,” provides yet one more piece of powerful evidence in support of network printer and MFP security.

From the piece: “Even though this particular botnet doesn’t appear to have been used for malicious purposes, it highlights the potential for abuse of poorly configured embedded devices by cyber criminals…”

I believe it’s still widely unrecognized by the business world that any printer or MFP connected to the Internet is a potential point-of-entry for hackers with malicious intentions. And, as the Infoworld article shows, the threats are real, as are the vulnerabilities.

With the recent launch of our ConnectKey devices, we’ve introduced the right technology at the right time to help businesses safeguard their critical data from web-based intruders.

Check out this quick video that discusses a few of the powerful technologies built into ConnectKey devices.

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