By Breanna Banford, Social Marketing Specialist, Xerox Enterprise Business Group

With more and more devices being connected to the internet, how much of a threat do you believe they pose to the enterprise, and what do you consider is the most concerning threat to these devices?

Answer those questions with Xerox and McAfee on Thursday, 5/17 at 2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST. Xerox will be collaborating with McAfee during their May security tweet chat.

Xerox’s security experts, Larry Kovnat (@lkovnat) and Doug Tallinger (@dtallinger) are looking forward to participating with McAfee this month (@McAfeeBusiness). They’ll offer their point of view and respond to your questions related to embedded device and printer security.

Join the discussion on the 17th by following the #SecChat hashtag on Twitter, TweetDeck or TweetChat. Here are a few things Xerox is interested in learning from you during this #SecChat:

  • What are your policies around securing embedded devices?
  • Do you include printers in your embedded device security strategy, or are they treated separately?
  • What risk do printers pose relative to other embedded devices? How do you deal with it?

Also, stop by McAfee’s blog to see more details – and be sure to keep an eye out for their recap post following the #SecChat in case you missed anything.

Let us know what you think – looking forward to tweeting with you on Thursday!