Flexible Enterprise Content Management Fuels Departmental Productivity

“90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy,” according to MIT Sloan and CAPGemini. One of the first steps on the path to a digital strategy involves using technology to better manage your organization’s content, whether paper-based or digital or both. For various reasons, some departments within an enterprise have a tougher time getting the content management tools they need.

  • Legacy applications may not be flexible or fast enough for specific LOB needs.
  • IT doesn’t have time to build and integrate a solution into legacy systems.
  • The company can’t afford an enterprise-wide ECM initiative.
  • Organizations aren’t fully prepared to support mobile employees and workflows.

More productive, digital document workflow is one route to digital transformation (DX), but if your most document-intensive teams operate without digital workflow and content tools, that’s a disconnect. If these pockets of document inefficiency aren’t helped, they may hold up DX for the entire organization.

Find the Path to Your Digital Transformation Strategy

The path to digital transformation just got easier for small companies, mid-sized businesses and enterprise departments. The Xerox® DocuShare® Flex Content Management Platform is a new cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) application. Designed to bring Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to smaller organizations, this platform puts ECM tools in the hands of workgroups and document-saturated departments and processes. Enterprise departments easily manage and organize their business content and set up business rules to automate and drive common processes.

With this approach, organizations aren’t forced into a full-blown ECM system installation, when a smaller package will do. This cloud-based ECM significantly reduces the onboarding time to days from months. Most importantly, it’s highly scalable to meet changes in user numbers, storage space and specific process requirements.

A department can configure and run this ECM platform on its own without professional services, and that makes it different. Xerox DocuShare Flex is designed for end-user consumption with its standardized functionality and minimal onboarding time. It reflects the trend towards more localized, subscription-based technical solutions, instead of monolithic enterprise applications.

Put ECM Ownership Where It’s Used

This ECM platform suits the department environment. Department managers and functional leaders would consider DocuShare Flex to manage content found in areas like:

  • Contract management
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • AP/AR

If you want to start with a particular department or document type, the system is lightweight but powerful enough to automate repetitive tasks involving common business documents. The cloud-based, intuitive design requires minimal ongoing IT support or training. It’s an example of fitting the power of a product directly into the business and not depending on IT to deliver it. Once employees receive their URL, they can start bringing process automation to content-heavy, repetitive tasks.

Xerox DocuShare Flex


Users can still connect to their line-of-business ERP and CRM applications, while custom documents support unique departmental needs. Teams can use the platform to manage their communal work. Employees categorize, store, organize and manage the business content lifecycle, with 24/7 access to individual and team content across desktops, browsers and mobile devices.

A powerful full-text search engine quickly finds files in a secure cloud repository. This solves a tremendous problem. Employees, especially knowledge workers, waste a disturbing amount of time looking for information. Study after study confirms this.  One says information workers spend over 11 hours a week dealing with document creation and management. Another finds that more than a day a week is lost to searching for something. Think of how this impacts your business. Now imagine that problem going away.

What the Analysts Say

The new DocuShare Flex platform augments the Xerox DocuShare portfolio, including Xerox DocuShare 7, recently named the 2017 Pick award as Outstanding Document Management Solution by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), as well as a “Leader” in ECM software by G2 Crowd. The Winter 2017 G2 Crowd Enterprise Content Management Grid report takes a user reviews-based approach to helping businesses look at the market. It includes comparative ratings and scores of the major ECM software vendors.

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