How Do You Manage an Enterprise’s Most Important Asset? Panel of Experts Weigh In.

By Don Dixon, senior vice president, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox

In today’s world, what is an enterprise’s most important asset? If you don’t know the answer, just #AskTheExperts! I recently had the opportunity to participate in Xerox’s latest episode, which discussed the importance of unlocking and protecting information.

Enterprises all face similar challenges around information – whether it is the digitization of that information, securing it, automating and simplifying it, or even reducing costs associated with it. And most importantly – using that information effectively.

At Xerox, we’re focused on overcoming those challenges. Because ultimately, we believe that harnessing information and streamlining workflows will give organizations the ability to concentrate on what they do best.

Check out the full “Ask the Experts” episode below, which takes a deeper dive into this conversation. Our guest experts, Louella Fernandes  and Michael Krigsman, both provide excellent perspectives that really showcase their expertise in simplifying work in the enterprise.

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