Are Your BYOD Security Policies Wearing Thin?

Todd Smith, Xerox Corp.

Many companies are still trying to develop and implement successful BYOD policies to empower their workforce and increase productivity. Now the question becomes, what will companies do about wearable technology in the workplace?

Wearable technology has the potential to become a large part of the evolving workplace and companies need to start thinking more about a BYO everything policy, rather than a BYOD policy. This article on FierceCIO explores wearables in the workplace and the need for BYOx policies.

Smart technologies in the workplace, like printers and even refrigerators, are connected to the network and can be accessed by hackers. Many organizations have focused on ways to secure this type of technology, but I’m sure they have not thought about securing wearables. The technology is here and will be in the workplace before you know it and in my opinion, one of the biggest threats with wearables is security. Wearables are easy to conceal because they look like everyday items. For example, as mentioned in the article, there are unlimited storage capabilities, which means someone could record audio all day long from a device that looks like a normal pen. Hackers could also gain access to these devices, giving them an unlimited amount of confidential information.

Overall, the technology will change the workplace and IT professionals should consider the implications of wearable technology in their office and develop comprehensive plans to ensure their organization stays secure. Are employees in your company already using wearables in the workplace? If so, is your company developing a policy?

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